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Buy Little millet Online in Bangalore
Buy Little millet Online in Bangalore


Little millet

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Little millet is grown by natural method in Haveri district. Little millet is a marvelous source of protein (10.13%), carbohydrates (65.55%), fat (3.89%), fiber (7.72%), iron (1.26 mg/100g), phosphorous (130 mg/100g), zinc (1.82 mg/100g), magnesium (91.41 mg/100g), niacin (1.29 mg/100g) and polyphenols making it a vital option for nutritional security.

Magnesium helps to improve heart health, niacin to lower cholesterol, phosphorus in fat metabolism, body tissue repair and energy production. Little millet contains amino acids in balanced proportions and is rich in methionine, cysteine and lysine. It is specifically beneficial to vegan’s dependent on plant foods for protein.

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Currently Delivering in Bengaluru

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